01. The bully [shoved] little Bobby off the chair he was sitting on.
02. People were [shoving] each other, trying to get in line to get tickets to the big rock show.
03. A woman was seriously injured today after being [shoved] in front of a bus by an unknown man.
04. There was a big line-up in front of the baseball park, and people were [shoving] each other, and trying to get to the front of the line.
05. The suspect was [shoved] into the back of the police car, and taken to the station.
06. The old man [shoved] the protesters out of the way, and entered the building.
07. The young boy [shoved] his friend into the swimming pool.
08. Helen Keller once said that the world is moved not only by the mighty [shoves] of the heroes, but also by the tiny pushes of each honest worker.
09. The policeman [shoved] the young boy into the back of the police cruiser.
10. We spent the afternoon [shoving] each other off the dock into the lake for fun.
11. The police had to [shove] angry spectators out of the way as they led the murderer into the courthouse.
12. The nervous robber [shoved] the gun into the teller's face and demanded all her money.
13. The baobab tree of Africa is sometimes called "the upside-down tree" because it looks like it has been pulled from the ground, and then [shoved] back in with its roots in the air.
14. A recent study shows that men who saw a lot of television violence as children were about twice as likely as other men to have pushed, grabbed or [shoved] their wives during an argument in the year preceding the interview.
15. The Himalayas mountains are simply a huge mass of rocks which were compressed and [shoved] upwards when the continent collided with Asia.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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